Parking Management System

  • Heavy Duty Barrier Gate

  • Secure Mobile Gate

  • CCTV Camera Security

  • RFID Reader

  • Parking Reports


Heavy Duty Barrier Gate (Boom Barrier)

Go parking management system provides you boom barriers that are used at entry and exit points of every parking spot and designed to professionally control every type of access like as car parking, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centres, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility.

  • Obligation cycle 100%.
  • Opening-shutting timing not surpassing 1.2 seconds up to 3.0 meter arm.
  • Electric engine - 120 Watts (single stage input 230V AC - 50Hz).
  • Hit back insurance and auto breaking.
  • Lodge switch and remote.
  • ISO 9001 quality benchmarks.

Secure Mobile Gate

Automatic and manual secure mobile gate by go parking is the perfect parking management solution for customers who care for enhanced security of their premises or property and for whom the vehicle access control is crucial.

  • Minimal and tasteful look.
  • Fast exchange process (0.90 second).
  • Sound collaboration with client.
  • Shrewd card access for individuals.
  • One of a kind online revealing gateway.
  • Validated access to clients/customer.

CCTV Camera Security

CCTV Camera installed in every parking lots that may stop a crime or accident from happening and it can deter a lot of people with the intention of carrying out a crime, other unlawful activities and provide valuable information to untoward incidents like as:

  • Car theft.
  • Customers getting their car dented.
  • Car vandalism: intentionally scratching the car.
  • Losing costly things placed inside the car while parking.
  • Customers getting mugged for their money or shopped items.
  • another car inadvertently scratching another car due to miss-parking.
  • Unpaid parking tickets: Customers who have not paid their tickets and yet are about to leave.

RFID Reader

The RFID labels will have the capacity to convey their signs which will be perused by an electronic peruser. This peruser is associated with a greater system that will send the subtle elements to the retailer. This at that point gets advised to your bank and afterward the sum gets deducted from your ledger. You don't have to hold up any more in long lines for your shopping.

Go Parking RFID Readers is a control and checking system intended for use at private apartment suites, gated groups, business parking structures, college stopping regions, and accommodation or retail focuses. These days, the RFID following is being utilized as a part of purchaser items everywhere throughout the world. Makers locate this exceptionally valuable as they can track the item from the season of make till it gets hurled into your shopping basket.

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